حقيبة الإصدارات الجديدة

مركز تكوين للدراسات والأبحاث

140.40 USD 113.40 USD

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  • A legitimate bag that contains the new publications of the Takween Center for Studies and Research, which amount to 15 issues, and the number of its pages is approximately 4,500 pages.
  • Delivery is free to all regions of the Kingdom, and it reaches you within 48 hours only within the city of Riyadh, and outside it in the rest of the regions within 2-4 days.
  • There are more than 8 types of payment and you can pay on receipt for the city of Riyadh.

You can also see more details of the bag and all the indexes and introductions through the link:


  • 140.40 USD 113.40 USD

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